Protecting Your School Against Vandalism

Protecting Your School Against Vandalism

Students who find themselves browsing the TikTok app on their phones may see videos promoting the growing trend of school vandalism. In addition to community outreach, here’s what you can do to help protect your school against vandalism.

Connect With Your Community

Connecting with your community should be among your very first steps toward combatting vandalism. Organize an event to show students why vandalism is damaging to your community and the families who live there. You can use this as an opportunity to raise money for repairs and equipment replacement, as well as a chance to allow parents to volunteer to assist in cleanup.

Install an Alarm System

Every school needs an alarm system that protects it from unauthorized entry. This will make it impossible for vandals to enter your school undetected, as alarm systems simultaneously alert a monitoring company while creating a loud siren sound. When local law enforcement receives the notification, they’ll catch the would-be vandals and keep your school safe.

Set Up Cameras

Video surveillance and alarm systems go hand-in-hand, though cameras help more with exterior monitoring. A vandal who knows about your school’s alarm system may be content with vandalizing your playground or picnic benches, so install cameras all around your property. If you need to replace picnic benches for your school, reach out to us—we can help.

Talk With Local Police

If vandalism is an ongoing problem in your area, connect with your local law enforcement. They may be willing to set up regular patrols of your property as a deterrent against vandals looking to damage your school. Letting the police know you have a problem is an essential step—they can’t help if they don’t know what’s going on.

Now that you have a better idea of ways to protect your school against vandalism, take the necessary steps to keep your school grounds as safe and secure as possible.