School Maintenance Checklist: Why Is It Important?

School Maintenance Checklist: Why Is It Important?

With students returning to school all over the country, facilities nationwide are again under a heavy load. Avoid responding to problems when they arise and instead proactively deal with some common maintenance hiccups. We’ve created a school maintenance checklist for every educational facility.

HVAC System

A functional HVAC system is essential for the comfort of students and staff alike. Your boiler requires an annual inspection and regular checkups. Employees should inspect for leaks, corrosion, rust, and alarm functionality.

Air conditioners also need a yearly inspection, as well as regular visual inspections to address motor function and coolant levels.

Alarm Systems and Safety

The safety of our students is imperative, and a faulty fire alarm system or expired fire extinguishers can prove disastrous. Regularly replace fire alarm batteries and bulbs (if your system calls for this), and ensure all sensors are properly calibrated. Contact your local fire department to run tests.

Check that you have the correct fire extinguishers based on location (you want Class B extinguishers in the kitchen), and hire a contractor to inspect all the extinguishers in your school.

Plumbing System

After a summer of infrequent use, your school’s pipes may be ill-equipped to deal with a sudden spike in usage. You should inspect your water heater for leaks and ensure that all gauges are providing proper readings. Scheduling an annual inspection is a good idea, too. Check all sinks, toilets, and showers for proper drainage and test the water pressure to rule out pipe blockages.

A school maintenance checklist is important because so many children rely on school infrastructure every day. It’s our responsibility to provide them with the best possible facility that doesn’t interrupt their learning. If your checklist reveals a need for replacements, we have plenty of school furniture for sale to bring your facility to the level your students deserve.