Signs Your School Furniture Needs an Upgrade

Schools are the foundational block for children and teenagers. Teachers make a strong effort in shaping the minds of youth to build a new generation of young scholars. Like any building with constant foot traffic, though, schools often see disrepair and breakage that can leave administrators clueless on how to fix it. This guide on some possible signs your school furniture needs an upgrade will help pinpoint potential issues that administrators must consider to create a safe learning environment for students.

Weak Cafeteria Equipment

The cafeteria is one of the most frequented rooms in schools, with some of the highest concentrations of foot traffic from students, teachers, staff, and guests. As one of the few spaces where students can relax, unwind, and socialize, the cafeteria is also open to more disorder and breakdown. Don’t be surprised if tables, chairs, benches, and other pieces of cafeteria equipment need repairs. Better yet, upgrade these items for a safer, more secure room. Install new cafeteria tables, chairs, food courts, movers, signage, and trash and recycling receptacles.

Busted Chairs

Similarly, chairs are some of the most used items in any school. After all, teachers and students need a place to sit. Therefore, it’s no surprise that chairs need replacement more often than other parts of the school. Look for wobbly chair or stool legs, broken pieces, or unsafe back support. These are all signs that you need to replace the chairs. Even if you’re replacing parts, be sure to have the right hardware, parts, and accessories to do so.

Broken Playground Equipment

Another sign your school furniture needs an upgrade is in the playground. Student safety is every school’s top priority. Without a doubt, playgrounds are one of the most prominent spaces for school-related injuries in elementary and middle schools. Upgrading the playground not only improves student safety on school grounds, but it also improves the school’s curb appeal. In addition, use this opportunity to spruce up bike and skateboard racks, facility signage in parking spaces, and outdoor furniture and equipment, such as tables or benches.

Broken Lockers

Of course, no matter the age group, having usable lockers is important for any school. One of the most obvious signs of disrepair pertains to broken lockers. Given how often students frequent their lockers, it’s crucial to keep them safe and functional. This doesn’t necessarily mean replacing the entire unit, though. Schools can fix broken lockers by replacing the locker body, door handles, locks and keys, or complete unit depending on the severity of the issue.

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