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CC Apex Swivel Caster w/ Brake Series

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Full of ENERGY, the CC Apex's high quality polyurethane tread stores and exudes energy unlike any other comparable wheel on the market. When force is exerted (by gravity, debris, pushing or pulling) on the CC Apex, potential energy is built up in the wheel's resilient polyurethane tread and is rapidly released as kinetic energy during movement. The tread's unique composition assists in propelling the wheel, boosting pushing and pulling both before and during rolling, making the CC Apex an excellent ergonomic choice. The polyurethane tread embodies a unique mix of resiliency and durability, allowing the wheel to put out low decibel levels during movement. The wheel's quiet performance positions it as an excellent option for users that have low-noise initiatives such as those in the education, healthcare and manufacturing industries. 
The CC Apex is available as a swivel, rigid and swivel caster with brake and your choice of four diameter sizes. Please click on the tech library tab and download the CC Apex PDF brochure for more information.

SKU CC-00173: 4 in. Dia.
SKU CC-00176: 5 in. Dia.
SKU CC-00179: 6 in. Dia.
SKU CC-00182: 8 in. Dia.

Top Material: Polyurethane
Base Material: Steel



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