Debourgh Box Locker Latch

MFG Part #:


Replacement gym door latch for DeBourgh lockers.
This latch consists of the following:
- Front finger lift with padlock hole. This is a two-piece part:
1) a front finger slide, which slides up and down in 2) a housing,
which has a padlock hole. It is connected to the slide in
the back latch. When the finger slide moves up, the back slide
also moves up and off of the jamb freeing the locker door to open,
- Mounting plate (concealed behind the door when mounted) on the
front of the plate. This latch is mounted sideways.
There are two mounting holes, and between them is a combination
lock hole filler pad (like the BU-0115 has). The holes and filler
pad line up with the combination lock holes on the locker door.
- Back locking latch (concealed behind the door when mounted)
consists of 1) a slide, which has an angled bottom edge that
leads into a point and is connected to the front finger slide,
and moves up and down within 2) a back housing, which is connected
to the front housing.
Material: stainless steel
Front finger lift
Finger slide and housing: 1-1/2"
Housing only: 1-1/32"
Finger slide: 1-1/8"
Housing: 1-3/16"
Finger slide: 1/8"
Housing: 9/32"
Padlock hole dia: 3/8"
Mounting plate
Including back latch: 3-3/16"
Not including back latch: 2-13/16"
At top" 1-3/8"
At mounting holes: 2-1/16"
At bottom: 1-1/2"
Where back latch mounts onto I: 1/8"
At mounting holes: 1/16"
Mounting holes
Qty: 2
Dia: 7/32"
Hole to hole OC: 2-3/16"
Lock hole filler
Dia at base: 5/8"
At top: 7/16"
Thickness: 1/16"
Back slide latch
Slide latch and housing
At the back, next to the mounting plate: 3"
At the front: 2-5/8"
Housing only
At the back, next to the mounting plate: 2-11/16"
At front: 2-11/32"
Slide latch: 11/16"
Housing: 7/8"
Slide latch; 1/18"
Housing: 9/32"