Dor-o-matic Door Closer with Parallel Arm, Shoe, and Dark Bronze Finish

MFG Part #:
SC61-695 RW/PA


The Dor-O-Matic SC61 is Grade 1 & is designed to meet the most common installation application requirements in the commercial marketplace and provides the IDENTICAL FOOTPRINT as the Norton 1600 surface closer. May be used on fire rated doors without a hold-open arm. Ships complete, ready to mount hinge side, top jamb or parallel arm configuration.
Body: Cast aluminum
Arms: Stamped steel
Mounting holes
Closer body
Qty: 4 each; 2 rows of 2 holes
evenly spaced - the holes form a 'square'
Type: Countersunk
Dia: 9/32"
Horizontal hole to hole OC: 9"
Vertical hole to hole OC: 3/4"
Arm mounting bracket
Qty: 2
Type: Straight
Dia: 9/32"
Hole to hole OC: 1-3/4"
PA shoe for parallel mounting
Qty: 4 each, 2 rows of 2 holes,
the holes on the row closest to the edge (top row)
are further apart than the row under it (bottom row)
Type: Straight
Dia: 9/32"
Hole to hole OC
Top row: 2-3/4"
Bottom row: 2"
Top row to bottom row: 7/16"
Cylinder size: SC61. This is a size-specific cylinder
and is suitable for interior and ADA doors of up to 48" wide.
It is not recommended for exterior or vestibule doors.