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Felt Caps

With Shiffler's 50+ years of working with schools and facilities, we have the ultimate experience helping with your floor protection needs! We carry a wide variety of styles and materials to suit all flooring and furniture styles. Our top customer service and sales teams will make the process of protecting your floors and furniture easy from start to finish. Need assistance identifying what type of Floor Protection you need?

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Felt Slides and Caps for School Chairs from Shiffler Equipment

Felt is known for being a soft and cushiony material; what better way to protect a tile or concrete floor than a felt chair cap! Offering a variety of styles, from stick-on felt glides, felt sled based glides, nylon caps with a felt base, and even felt strips, there is no end to the amount of gliding across floors felt can support. Felt floor protection is a classic go-to and remains as such for chairs, tables, and even larger furniture items such as sofas or cafeteria tables. Felt based glides offer cushion that protect not only your floors but your chair tips, too.

Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer an expansive catalog that features diverse solutions for protecting the floors of your school from all sorts of harm. Facilities managers for educational institutions are sure to find the heavy-duty surface protection in the form of felt base glides, leaving one last thing so they can keep all eyes on the front of the class. 

Felt pads are perhaps one of the most economical ways to protect your floors against routine use. Flooring is a significant investment, and it’s important to make sure that it lasts.

The key to effective leg caps with felt base is choosing the right size for each leg of a piece of furniture. Smaller legs may only need a small pad while large, heavy couches require larger pads. The pads should also be thick enough to provide cushioning and grip to the floor.

Find Floor Protection Materials for Your Facility at Shiffler Equipment

For more than 40 years, Shiffler Equipment Sales has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of durable and affordable floor protections, such as furniture and chair slides and chair caps. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and widest selection of glides and floor protection products, including our felt base glides.

In addition to stocking millions of slides, caps, and casters, we carry a line of easy-to-use slide and caster installation and removal tools. Our high-quality products and competitive pricing makes us the perfect partner that you can rely on, so whether you repair and replace, you can relax, because we have what you need!

Keep your floors free from scratches, skids, marks, spills, and other damage with our diverse line of protection solutions. To find the perfect floor and surface guards for your school, reach out to our team today.

FAQs on Felt Caps for School Chairs

What is the best material for chair glides for hardwood floors?

For a smooth and protective option for sliders for chairs, a felt based chair cap is your best option. Even metal chair leg caps can be covered with felt chair foot caps making them smooth floor friendly! Even though rubber chair feet would protect your hardwood floor from scratches, felt leg tips offer both protection and easy movement for any chair.

What are felt caps used for?

Felt caps are small, round pieces of felt that are used to protect and cushion the bottoms of furniture legs and other items. They are designed to prevent scratches, dents, and other damage to floors and other surfaces caused by furniture legs.

How do I install felt caps on furniture legs?

Felt caps are easy to install, and are typically applied by simply pressing them onto the bottoms of furniture legs. They come in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different types of furniture legs.

Are felt caps slip-resistant?

Yes, felt caps are slip-resistant, helping to prevent furniture from sliding around on hard floors, which can help to increase safety.

Are felt caps available in different colors?

Yes, felt caps are available in different colors to match the color of the furniture.

Do felt caps reduce noise when moving furniture?

Yes, felt caps help to reduce noise when moving furniture. They absorb the sound made by furniture moving on a hard floor.

How often do I need to replace felt caps?

It depends on the usage and the environment, but it's recommended to check the felt caps regularly and replace them when they become worn out or lose their adhesiveness.