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Protective Felt Strips - Brown



Protective Felt Strips have unlimited uses. They protect walls from damage caused by moving carts and protect floors from scratches, dents and rust stains. With peel and stick backs, they are easy to apply and will protect all types of hard floors or walls and reduce noise associated with sliding furniture. Use Protective Felt Strips to prevent damage to walls caused by moving carts, protect floors from long flat surfaces like the bottom of a bookcase, a rocking chair, file cabinet, etc. and reduce noise from sliding furniture. Recommended for Ceramic tile, wood floors, furniture surfaces, vinyl tile and linoleum, walls and concrete.

Felt Strips - Protect Your Furniture with Brown Felt Strips

Explore Protective Felt Strips in brown, the ideal solution to safeguard your furniture from scratches and scuffs. Keep your furniture looking its best with felt strips.

Felt Strips - Furniture Protection Made Easy

Welcome to Shiffler Equipment Sales, where we introduce Protective Felt Strips in brown, a simple yet effective solution to protect your furniture from scratches and scuffs. Discover how felt strips can keep your furniture looking its best.

Key Features of Protective Felt Strips

Explore the essential features that make Protective Felt Strips in brown a top choice for furniture protection:

Scratch Prevention: These felt strips are designed to prevent scratches and scuffs on your furniture.

Easy Application: The adhesive backing makes it easy to apply the strips to your furniture.

Brown Color: The brown color seamlessly blends with various furniture styles.

Protect Your Furniture with Felt Strips

Protective Felt Strips are the smart choice for preserving the beauty of your furniture. Whether you have hardwood floors or delicate surfaces, these strips offer the protection you need. Ensure your furniture remains scratch-free and looking its best with the help of felt strips. Explore our catalog and keep your furniture in top condition with Protective Felt Strips in brown today.

SKU SES-10007: 1/2" x 4"
SKU SES-10008: 1/2" x 6"
SKU SES-10056: 1/2" x 60"
SKU SES-10013: 1" x 60"
SKU SES-10055: 4-1/2" x 6"

Material: Felt
Shipping Method: UPS



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