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Fiat Partitions Bottom Door Insert

MFG Part #:


Replacement bottom door insert for Fiat baked enamel door.
Material: chrome plated Zamak (pot metal)
Thickness: 1/16"
The following measurements are taken from the back side of the inset:
Outside the ridge: 1-3/16"
Inside the ridge: 1-1/16"
Of the ridge: 31/32"
Inside the ridge, including the rounded front edge: 2"
Of the ridge: 11/16"
There is a raised area, which houses a square hole for
the TP 98195 square cam:
Height of insert inside the ridge, not including
the raised area: 13/16"
Square hole
There is a lip on each end of the hole that latches the base of
the TP-98195 square cam. While the hole is 3/16" deep, the lip is
only 1/16" thick, so there are two hole lengths and two hole
depths - it does not affect the width:
Total thickness of hole: 3/16"
Thickness of each lip: 1/16"
Thickness of hole under lips: 1/8"
Length of hole with lips: 7/8"
Length of hole without lips: 29/32"
Width: 7/8"
Mounting hole
Qty: 1
Style: Countersunk
Dia: 7/32", will take up to a #12 screw


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