Hardware kit for plastic Laminate, inswing door

TP 8512000
MFG Part #:


Replacement hardware kit for Accurate plastic laminate partitions. Includes top hinge, bottom hinge, top and bottom door inserts, hinge pins, cams, strike, keeper, bumper hook and all mounting hardware.
Brand: Accurate Partitions
Application: Used on square edged plastic laminate partitions,
which have a 1" thick inswing door and a 1-1/4" thick pilaster
This kit consists of the following (technical information follows
in the order each part appears below):
- 2 Each TP 3540 Top/bottom hinge
- 2 Each TP 1680 Top door inserts
- 2 Each 40-3912420 Hinge pins
- 2 Each TP 89820 Cam
- 2 Each TP 89830 Pintle
- 1 Each 40-2512710 Inswing bumper/keeper with emergency access
- 1 Each 40-2513900 Slide latch
- 1 Each TP 270 Bumper coat hook
- 2 Each 40-3910800 10-24 x 1" Torx shoulder screw
- 5 Each 40-3910700 10-24 1-1/4" Torx shoulder screw
- 5 Each 40-3910690 10-24 x 5/8" Torx barrel nut
- 4 Each 40-3912130 #10 x 5/8" Torx sheet metal screw
- 2 Each 40-3910100 #10 x 1" Torx Flat head sheet metal screw
Top/bottom hinge
'A' Dimension (distance from back face of U-bracket
to center of hinge pin hole): 1.30" / 1-5/16"
This part consists of:
- A U-Bracket with holes for mounting to a pilaster
- A tongue with bushing and hinge pin hole
Material thickness: 7/64" (between 3/32" and 1/8")
Height: 2-1/4"
Inside: 1-17/64" (between 1-1/4" and 1-9/32")
Outside: 1-1/2"
Inside: 1-1/4"
Outside: 1-5/16"
Mounting holes
Qty: 2 per fork
Dia: 9/32"
Hole to hole OC: 1-1/2"
Distance from back of fork to center of hole: 3/8"
Distance from back face of U-bracket to center of
hinge pin hole ('A' dimension): 1.30" / 1-5/16"
Height: 17/32"
Length, to front face of U-bracket: 1-11/16"
At center of hinge pin hole: 1"
Where it meets face of U-bracket: 1-1/4"
Cam/pintle hole
Distinguishing feature: 9/16" wide section of knurling
at back of hole
Hole dia: 21/32"
Top/Bottom door inserts
Material: Chrome plated zamak
Material thickness: 1/8"
Length of long, horizontal upper and lower portions
Outside: 2-5/16"
Inside: 2"
Height of center, vertical portion
Outside: 2-3/16"
Inside: 1-5/8"
Outside: 1-3/16"
Inside: 1-1/64"
Outer edge height/width: 11/32"
Hinge pin hole dia: 13/32"
Cam hole dia: 49/64" (between 3/4" and 25/32")
Distance from the back inside of the center vertical portion
to center of the hinge pin and cam holes: 1"
Mounting hole on center portion
Shape: Round, countersunk
Dia: 5/16"
Hinge pins
Material: Steel
Dia: 3/8"
Length: 4-3/8"
One end is knurled on the outside and threaded on the inside
Length of knurls: 1/2"
Thread size: 1/4-20 x 3/4?
Hole depth: 29/32"
Material: White nylon
Bevelled upper portion
Inside: 13/32"
Outside: 3/4"
Height, at highest point: 9/16"
Flat platform
Thickness: 3/64" (between 1/32" and 1/16")
Width: 1"
Length: 1-5/32"
Material: White nylon
Upper portion
Inside: 13/32"
Outside: 3/4"
Lower portion - this portion has an outside tab that runs
the length of it. This tab fits into one of the knurls on the
top/bottom hinge, purpose being for setting door closing
Inside: 13/32"
Outside: 5/8"
Bumper/keeper - Consists of
- A U-bracket with a bumper holder coming off one corner,
in line with the forks of the U-bracket
- An emergency access style keeper coming off the other corner,
in line with the face of the U-bracket
Material: Chrome plated zamak w/black rubber bumper
Overall height: 1-1/2"
Material thickness: 1/8"
Inside: 1-1/4"
Outside: 1-5/16"
Distance between forks: 1-5/16"
Mounting holes
Qty: 1 per fork
Dia: 17/64" (between 1/4" and 9/32")
Distance from back edge of fork to center of hole: 5/8"
Bumper/strike portion
Material thickness
Metal portion: 6/32" - 3/16"
Bumper: 5/32"
Height of both: 1-1/2"
Metal: 1/2"
Bumper: 27/64" (between 7/16" and 15/32")
Distance between face of bumper and
edge of keeper slot: 1-11/32"
Keeper portion
Style: Emergency access - has an open slot at
the top and bottom of the keeper
Slot size
Width: 1/4"
Height: 5/16"
Distance from face of bumper to inside edge of slot: 1-11/32"
Overhang off fork: 3/8"
Slide latch - consists of a mounting plate, a slide bolt and knob
Material: Chrome plated zamak
Mounting plate
Material thickness: 1/16"
Height: 3-1/4"
Width: 1-1/2"
Depth: 1/4"
Mounting holes
Qty: 2
Dia: 1/4"
Hole to hole OC: 2-3/4"
Slide bolt
Shape: Flat, rectangular
Height: 13/16"
Length: 2-3/16"
Thickness: 3/16"
Distance from underside of bolt to mounting surface: 9/32"
Length of overhang when fully bolt is fully slid to the
left or the right: 23/32"
Slide knob
Shape: Oval
Height: 7/8"
Width: 5/8"
Depth: 1/2"
Overall depth of latch, from face of slide knob
to mounting surface: 1-1/16"
Bumper coat hook
Hook: Chrome plated zamak
Bumper: black rubber
Qty: 2 each, 1 long, 1 short
Prong shafts
Long shaft: 5/16"
Short shaft: 7/32"
Tip of long shaft: 9/16"
Long shaft, from front of mounting plate: 2-7/8"
Short shaft, from front of mounting plate to
back side of hook tip: 25/32"
Mounting holes
Qty: 2 each
Dia: 1/4"
Type: straight (not countersunk)
Hole to hole OC: 7/8"
Thickness of mounting plate: 5/32"
Rubber tip
Dia: 9/16"
Depth: 3/8"
Mounting fasteners - See top of page for sizes
Material: Chrome plated zamak