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Ives Kick Down Door Stop - 4", Aluminum Finish

MFG Part #:
FS544 SP28


The GJL series HEAVY-DUTY kick-down holders feature sturdy 4-hole mounting. This means they won't crack, break or pull loose like the 3-hole mount type. They are made from heavy-duty, cast iron with an aluminum finish. 2'' floor clearance with non-marking rubber shoes that are held in place with a screw to resist student theft. Hold open and release are activated with a touch of the foot. Great for use as a school door stop.

General description : Kick-down door holder for door
with an approximate 2" clearance. Arm is held in
the 'up' posistion with a spring.
Door stop : Cast iron
Bumper : Gray, non-marking rubber
Finish : S3 painted aluminum
Arm length, from swivel : 4"
Mounting plate
Height : 2-1/8"
Width : 1-7/16"
Thickness : 1/4"
Mounting holes
Type : 4 Each, 1 in each corner of mounting plate
Dia : 3/16"
Vertical hole to hole OC : 1-5/8"
Horizontal hole to hole OC : 7/8"
At top, where it goes into the holder : 5/8"
At bottom, where it touches the floor : 1-1/16"
Total height : 7/8"
Thickness of exposed material when bumper is in holder : 13/32"
Tread style : Circular grooves.
There is a recessed area in the bottom of the bumper for the head
of the mounting screw to rest in when it is installed so that
the head will not touch the floor with the bumper.
Dia of recess : 5/16"
Depth of recess : 5/16"
Kick-down holder mounting screws
Qty : 4 Each
Type : 8 x 3/4" round head Phillips sheet metal screw
Finish : Chrome
Bumper mounting screw
Type : 8-32 x 3/4" Phillips head machine screw
Finish : Chrome


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