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Jonti-Craft Toddler Double-Sided Island

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Maximize storage and organize any space with back-to-back mobile storage. Perfect for rooms with limited space, the Jonti-Craft Double-Sided Islands have identical fronts and backs, providing easy access while storing toys, books, and other learning materials. With this much storage space, you will have a tough time finding enough items to fill them up!

Discover the excellence of Jonti-Craft with the Jonti-Craft Toddler Double-Sided Island, available at Shiffler Equipment! Jonti-Craft is a renowned brand known for its high-quality and innovative early childhood furniture, and the Toddler Double-Sided Island is no exception.

Designed with the needs of young learners in mind, the Jonti-Craft Toddler Double-Sided Island offers a versatile and engaging space for exploration and play. With Jonti-Craft's commitment to quality and durability, this island is built to withstand the demands of busy classrooms and childcare settings.

The Jonti-Craft Toddler Double-Sided Island features ample storage space, making it a practical solution for organizing toys, books, and learning materials. Its double-sided design allows multiple children to engage simultaneously, fostering social interaction and cooperative play.

Jonti-Craft's dedication to safety is evident in every detail of the Toddler Double-Sided Island. Rounded edges and sturdy construction ensure a secure and child-friendly environment, promoting both fun and safety.

Enhance your learning environment with Jonti-Craft's Toddler Double-Sided Island, a versatile and durable addition that stimulates imagination and creativity. Invest in Jonti-Craft and experience the difference of high-quality early childhood furniture designed for excellence and designed for little learners. Elevate your classroom or childcare space with the Jonti-Craft Toddler Double-Sided Island and provide a nurturing environment where children can learn, explore, and thrive.



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