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Lifesecure BleedStop Double 200 Bleeding Wound Trauma First Aid Kit

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(TREATS 2 BLEEDING WOUNDS) Respond to multiple casualties simultaneously with DOUBLE the comprehensive bleeding control trauma first aid supplies. This active shooter/disaster wound kit includes TWO SOF-T-W tourniquets, BloodStopper compress bandages, and petroleum gauge pads for chest wounds; QuickClot blood clotting gauze and other bleeding wound supplies. DOUBLE the comprehensive bleeding wound trauma first aid supplies.

Contents: FOR CARRYING: MobileAid OTS (Over-The-Shoulder) Clear-view Pouch FOR PREP: (1) instructions (2 pair) Blue Nitrile Gloves (2 pair) EMT scissors FOR APPLYING BLOOD-CLOTTING GAUZE: (4) QuickClot Hemostatic Blood-clotting gauze (8) Gauze Pads 4" x 4" FOR BANDAGING: (2) Blood Stopper BandageS (2) ABD Combine Pad 5" x 9" (2) Self-adherent Wrap 2" x 5 yd. APPLY TOURNIQUET: (2) SOF-T-W touniquets (2) Permanent Marker FOR CHEST WOUNDS: (2) Petroleum Gauze (2) Tape TO TREAT SHOCK: (2) Emergency Thermal Blankets FOR CLEAN-UP: (4) Moist Towellettes (2) Bio-hazard Bags

Dimensions: 11" x 3" x 8" Weight: 4 lbs.

What are the Benefits of Using a BleedStop Product?

The LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200 is an essential first aid kit that focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for treating bleeding wounds and trauma. This Bleedstop kit offers a range of features and benefits to address emergency situations effectively and promote rapid wound care. Let's explore the advantages of the LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200:

Advanced Bleeding Wound Care: The LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200 excels in providing advanced bleeding wound care solutions. It is equipped with a variety of Bleedstop products, such as hemostatic dressings and bandages, that are specifically designed to control bleeding and promote clotting. These Bleedstop items are crucial in managing severe bleeding emergencies and can potentially save lives by facilitating quick and effective wound treatment.

Comprehensive Trauma Response: The LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200 is designed to address various trauma scenarios effectively. It includes an assortment of medical supplies and tools, all organized in a compact and portable kit. With Bleedstop products like trauma pads, sterile gloves, adhesive strips, and emergency blankets, this kit provides a comprehensive response to trauma incidents, enabling immediate and appropriate care for injured individuals.

Quick and Easy Accessibility: In emergency situations, every second counts. The LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200 ensures quick and easy access to Bleedstop supplies. The kit is thoughtfully organized with clear compartments and labels, allowing users to locate the necessary Bleedstop items swiftly. This accessibility ensures that critical care can be administered promptly, potentially reducing the severity of bleeding and improving overall outcomes.

Versatility and Portability: The LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200 is designed to be versatile and portable, making it suitable for various settings and situations. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy storage and transport, making it convenient for both personal and professional use. Whether it's for outdoor activities, workplaces, or emergency response teams, this Bleedstop kit offers the flexibility and portability needed to provide immediate bleeding wound care wherever it is required.

Peace of Mind: Having the LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200 at your disposal provides peace of mind in times of emergency. With its comprehensive Bleedstop solutions, this kit equips individuals and first responders with the necessary tools to effectively manage bleeding wounds. Knowing that you have a reliable and well-stocked Bleedstop kit on hand can alleviate anxiety and empower you to take immediate action when faced with a bleeding emergency.

In summary, the LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200 is a vital first aid kit that prioritizes bleeding wound care and trauma response. With its emphasis on Bleedstop products, this kit offers advanced solutions for controlling bleeding, comprehensive trauma care, quick accessibility, versatility, portability, and peace of mind. By incorporating the LifeSecure Bleedstop Double 200 into your emergency preparedness plans, you can be confident in your ability to provide immediate and effective care during bleeding emergencies.

When is Bleedstop Needed in a School Setting?

The LifeSecure BleedStop Double-200 Bleeding Wound Trauma First Aid Kit, available at Shiffler Equipment, is a comprehensive solution designed to address severe bleeding and traumatic injuries. While the kit itself provides essential supplies for managing bleeding wounds, the need for BleedStop in a school setting can vary depending on several factors.

In a school environment, BleedStop may be needed in situations where there is a risk of severe bleeding or traumatic injuries. These can include accidents during physical education activities, sporting events, woodworking or metalworking classes, or any situation where students may be exposed to sharp objects or potential hazards.

Schools that have a well-equipped first aid program or designated medical personnel may already have appropriate supplies and training in place to handle bleeding emergencies. However, the addition of BleedStop to a first aid kit can provide an extra layer of preparedness for severe bleeding incidents that may require immediate action before professional medical help arrives.

It's important to note that the decision to include BleedStop in a school's first aid kit should be made in accordance with local regulations, school policies, and the expertise of medical professionals. Schools should assess the specific risks and needs of their environment and consider factors such as student age groups, extracurricular activities, and the proximity of emergency medical services.

Furthermore, training and education on the proper use of BleedStop should be provided to school staff members, including teachers, coaches, and administrative personnel. Having individuals who are knowledgeable and confident in administering first aid, including the use of BleedStop, can significantly improve response times and potentially save lives in emergency situations.

Ultimately, the decision to include BleedStop in a school's first aid kit should be based on a thorough evaluation of the potential risks and needs of the specific school environment. By being prepared for severe bleeding incidents, schools can take proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their students and staff. It is advisable to consult with healthcare professionals or local authorities to determine the best course of action for implementing bleeding control measures in a school setting.


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