Lyon Locker Complete LH Handle Assembly, Post-1981, includes LY-2277, LY-2279-LH & mounting screws

MFG Part #:


Complete Lyon lift handle assembly, post 1981 style. For a left handed locker.
Material: Chrome plated Zamak
Thickness: Varies, from 1/16" to 1/8"
Lift - broken down into the following portions:
- Upper 'grip' portion
- Lower portion with padlock hole
- Lockbar fingers
At front of grip portion: 2-1/2"
At back of grip portion: 3-3/16"
Grip portion
Not including lockbar fingers: 11/16"
Including lockbar fingers: 1-3/8"
Padlock portion
not including lockbar fingers: 11/16"
Including lockbar fingers: 1-9/32"
Lockbar fingers - come out from the handle portion, then
take a 90o bend to the right - this portion is where you
identify the handing. The bent portion fits into
the lockbar. In addition, at the base of each finger
are platforms that lay between, and perpendicular to
the handle portion and mounting fingers. These platforms
butt up against the outside fo the door when the
handle is in place, acting like a stop.
Length from handle to bend, including platforms: 11/16"
Length from bend to tip that goes in lockbar: 9/16"
Height - there are three
- Between the handle and 90o bend: 5/16"
- The 90o bend portion - the first half, closest to
the bend, extends down past the half by the tip.
This extra material acts as a stop for the fingers,
and it butts up against the lockbar when the fingers
are in place.
Height of first half: 1/2"
Height of second half, at tip: 19/64"
(Between 9/32" and 5/16")
Center of top finger to center of bottom finger: 11/16"
Padlock hole ida: 3/8"
Front of base
At the back: 4-1/16"
At the front: 3-3/4"
At the back: 1-1/32"
At the front
Top and bottom portions: 3/4"
By the lift slot hole: 19/32"
At the top - on the back of base, there is a mounting tab.
It comes horizontally out of the back of the base, then
takes a 90o bend up. This tab fits into a slot in the
locker door and holds the top of the base in place.
Width: 7/16"
Length from back of base to bend: 3/16"
Height from bend to tip: 7/32"
At the bottom - there is a mounting hole, accessible
only from the back
Dia: 5/32"
Center of hole to center of horizontal portion
of upper tab: 3-5/16"
Lift slot
Height: 1-3/16"
Width: 7/16"
Kick-proof hood
At base: 7/16"
At front: 3/8"
At base: 1-27/32"
At front: 1-3/8"
Padlock hole dia: 13/32"
Mounting hardware (needed for housing only):
1 Each LY 8-32 X 1/4" Hex head machine screw