Lyon Locker Door Jamb/Padlock Staple for Box Doors, 1958-current

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Replacement door jamb for Lyon locker, year of manufacture 1958-1999.
Material: steel
Thicknesss: 1/16"
Lyon calls this a door jamb, but it actually serves as a jamb
and a padlock staple as well. It is a piece of steel with
cutouts and 90 degree bends in it. It is no-handed, but for
these notes we are measuring it as a right hand, as it faces you.
It consists of the following:
- A left side, which is just a flat piece of steel so that it can
be spot-welded in place, or a back side with three mounting holes
in a row, on over the other, for mounting the jamb with screws.
- A right side, which has a padlock tab that extends forward, past
the left side, and has a padlock hole in it. The box locker door
has a slot in it, which the padlock tab fits through when the
door is closed. This exposes the padlock hole so that a padlock
can be attached.
- A brace/door stop to the left of the padlock tab, which runs
perpendicular to, and just before the padlock hole starts.
The box locker door shuts against this brace/stop.
Left side
Height: 1-7/16"
Depth: 19/32"
Back side
Height: 1-7/16"
Width: 11/16"
Mounting holes
Qty: 3 each, 1 over the other in a vertical row
Dia: 7/32"
Hole to hole OC
Top to middle hole: 15/32"
Middle to bottom hole: 15/32"
Top to bottom hole: 29/32"
Distance from top edge of jamb to top hole: 3/16"
Distance from bottom edge of jamb to bottom hole: 9/64"
(between 1/8" and 5/32")
Left side
Where it comes off of the back, and just before
the brace starts: 1-7/16"
Brace: 19/32"
Just in front of the brace and before the padlock
tab starts: 1-1/4"
Padlock tab
On the outside: 7/8"
On the inside (hole): 3/8"
Where it comes off of the back, and just before
the brace starts: 3/8"
Brace: 9/16"
Just after the brace, and before the padlock tab: 1/8"
Padlock tab
On the outside: 11/16"
On the inside (hole): 1/2"