Max Reflex 100 Hybrid Trauma First Aid Station

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Increased First aid supplies in a flexible two part rolling medical response solution. Hybrid Easy Roll Trauma First Aid Station LIF31500 and Reflex 100 Trauma First Aid Backpack kit LIF31732. Pairing two MobileAid solutions can bring the maximum capacity response to an incident with the greatest ease. MobileAid Max Hybrid Trauma First Aid Stations combine the ease and speed of our MobileAid Easy Roll Trauma First Aid Station (LIF31500) on the bottom with the added capacity, flexibility, and mobility of the MobileAid Reflex and XL first aid kits and backpacks on top. Hybrid stations allow medical staff to respond more quickly over a large area or work in two locations simultaneously. This maximizes flexibility and can mean a more effective response to serious medical emergencies or disasters.