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NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair, Black



The 8700 Series Cafetorium stack chair blends style, comfort and strength to provide a sleek seating solution to almost any setting. The plush vinyl upholstered seats are guaranteed to not tear, and modern-styled polypropylene plastic backs provide ergonomic support. Weighing just 10 lbs., this chair is certainly no lightweight. Built on a strong 16 gauge frame, the 8700 stacker is Built To Exceed ANSI/BIFMA Standards. TPU floor protector glides allow for use on sensitive floors, and are equipped with built-in gangers making multiple chair setups a snap. Conveniently stack your 8700s up to 35 high for quick cleanup and efficient storage. With 3 in-stock color combinations, the 8700 Series will bring your Cafetorium to life!

Introducing the NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair - The Perfect Seating Solution!

The NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair in black is the ideal seating option for your cafetorium space. This stack chair is designed to provide comfort, durability, and easy storage, making it a versatile and practical choice for cafetorium settings.

Cafetorium Seating Excellence:

The NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair sets the standard for excellence in cafetorium seating. Its plush cushioning and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable sitting experience for students and guests alike.

Space-Saving Stackability:

In a cafetorium, efficient space utilization is essential. These stack chairs are ingeniously designed to stack neatly when not in use, optimizing your cafetorium's seating and storage capabilities.

Durability for Busy Cafetoriums:

Cafetoriums are bustling spaces where chairs are frequently in use. The NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair is crafted with durability in mind, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily cafetorium activities.

Versatile Cafetorium Seating:

From school cafeterias to event halls, this stack chair is a versatile solution for various cafetorium settings. Its sleek black design complements any decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Comfortable Seating for Cafetorium Guests:

The plush vinyl cushioning of this stack chair ensures a comfortable seating experience for cafetorium guests. Whether during lunch breaks or special events, everyone will appreciate the coziness and support provided by these chairs.

Cafetorium Seating Practicality:

The NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair combines practicality and style. Its easy-to-clean vinyl upholstery allows for quick maintenance, ensuring that your cafetorium always looks presentable.

Cafetorium Stack Chair for Easy Setup:

When hosting events or large gatherings, setting up the cafetorium becomes a breeze with these stack chairs. Their stackable design allows for quick and efficient arrangement, saving you time and effort.

Cafetorium Seating Flexibility:

Adaptable to various layouts, the NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair offers seating flexibility. Easily arrange and rearrange the chairs to suit your cafetorium's needs for different events and activities.

Cafetorium Seating Convenience:

The convenience of these stack chairs extends beyond their space-saving design. Their lightweight construction makes moving and arranging them hassle-free, ensuring smooth operations in your cafetorium.

Cafetorium Seating Excellence Reimagined:

Experience a new level of cafetorium seating excellence with the NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair. Elevate the comfort and functionality of your cafetorium space with these reliable and stylish stack chairs.

Upgrade your cafetorium seating with the NPS Cafetorium Plush Vinyl Stack Chair in black. Discover the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and efficiency for your cafetorium at Shiffler Equipment Sales.


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