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Palmer Hamilton Stool Tops

MFG Part #:


Replacement Set Includes 6 or 12 of your choice of Palmer Hamilton cafeteria tables / cafeteria stool tops.

Stools are made of polypropylene and are secured by heavy gauge steel plates at four points.

PAL-99F068P7-06 6 Black Stools
PAL-99F068P7-12 12 Black Stools
PAL-99F068NB-06 6 Navy Blue Stools
PAL-99F068NB-12 12 Navy Blue Stools
PAL-99F068P11-06 6 Rio Red Stools
PAL-99F068P11-12 12 Rio Red Stools
PAL-99F068P13-06 6 Bright Elementary Red Stools
PAL-99F068P13-12 12 Bright Elementary Red Stools
PAL-99F068P3-06 6 Burgundy Stools
PAL-99F068P3-12 12 Burgundy Stools
PAL-99F068P14-06 6 Bright Elementary Blue Stools
PAL-99F068P14-12 12 Bright Elementary Blue Stools
PAL-99F068P16-06 6 Denim Stools
PAL-99F068P16-12 12 Denim Stools
PAL-99F068P17-06 6 Purple Stools
PAL-99F068P17-12 12 Purple Stools
PAL-99F068P5-06 6 Marine Blue Stools
PAL-99F068P5-12 12 Marine Blue Stools
PAL-99F068P15-06 6 Spruce Stools
PAL-99F068P15-12 12 Spruce Stools
PAL-99F068P12-06 6 Kelly Green Stools
PAL-99F068P12-12 12 Kelly Green Stools
PAL-99F068P10-06 6 Hunter Green Stools
PAL-99F068P10-12 12 Hunter Green Stools
PAL-99F068P2-06 6 Sand Stools
PAL-99F068P2-12 12 Sand Stools
PAL-99F068P09-06 6 Bright Elementary Yellow Stools
PAL-99F068P09-12 12 Bright Elementary Yellow Stools
PAL-99F068P18-06 6 Orange Stools
PAL-99F068P18-12 12 Orange Stools
PAL-99F068P4-06 6 Gray Stools
PAL-99F068P4-12 12 Gray Stools
PAL-99F068P8-06 6 Lava Stools
PAL-99F068P8-12 12 Lava Stools


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