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Rectangular Replacement Cafeteria Table Top, 3/4" Thick

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Wisconsin Bench Rectangular Replacement Cafeteria Table Tops are 3/4" MDF (medium density fiberboard) core material. MDF is a superior material for screw and rivet holding characteristics, breaking strength and load tests, when compared to particle board and plywood. The boards are topped with a High-Pressure Laminate and with a phenolic backing which prevents moisture penetration to the core material. Black Armor Edging is a sprayed on Polyurea, that is extremely strong and durable. This edge will not separate from the MDF core material. 

What are the Benefits of a Table Top Replacement?

The Table Top Replacement offers several key benefits, making it a valuable solution for upgrading or repairing cafeteria tables or other furniture. This specific item, the Rectangular Replacement Cafeteria Table Top, with its 3/4" thickness, is designed to provide durability and functionality.

One of the primary benefits of the Table Top Replacement is its versatility. Whether you're refurbishing existing cafeteria tables or constructing custom furniture, this replacement top offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. Its rectangular shape and standard dimensions make it compatible with a wide range of table frames, allowing for easy installation and integration into various settings.

Durability is another significant advantage of the Table Top Replacement. Constructed with high-quality materials and a 3/4" thickness, it is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in a cafeteria or similar environment. The sturdy construction ensures that the replacement top can handle the demands of heavy plates, utensils, and constant traffic, providing a long-lasting surface that retains its functionality and appearance over time.

The Table Top Replacement also offers ease of maintenance. Its smooth and durable surface is resistant to stains, scratches, and spills, making it easy to clean and maintain a hygienic cafeteria environment. With regular cleaning and proper care, the replacement top can continue to look pristine and perform well, contributing to the overall cleanliness and aesthetics of the cafeteria space.

Another benefit of the Table Top Replacement is its ability to refresh the look and functionality of cafeteria tables. Over time, table surfaces can become worn, damaged, or outdated. By replacing the table top with a new and improved version, you can instantly transform the appearance and functionality of the furniture. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also improves the dining experience for cafeteria patrons.

Lastly, the Table Top Replacement allows for customization. With a variety of color options available, you can choose a replacement top that aligns with your cafeteria's design scheme or branding. This customization opportunity allows you to create a cohesive and visually appealing dining area that enhances the overall atmosphere and promotes a positive dining experience.

In summary, the Table Top Replacement, such as the Rectangular Replacement Cafeteria Table Top, offers several benefits for cafeteria tables or other furniture in need of an upgrade or repair. Its versatility, durability, ease of maintenance, ability to refresh the look and functionality, and customization options make it a valuable choice. With a new replacement top, you can revitalize your cafeteria space, ensuring a clean, durable, and visually appealing surface for years to come.

SKU WB-3024: 24"W x 30"L
SKU WB-4801: 24"W x 48"L
SKU WB-3030: 30"W x 30"L
SKU WB-3036: 30"W x 36"L
SKU WB-3048: 30"W x 48"L
SKU WB-3060: 30"W x 60"L
SKU WB-3072: 30"W x 72"L
SKU WB-3096: 30"W x 96"L
SKU WB-3672: 36"W x 72"L
SKU WB-3696: 36"W x 96"L

Material: High pressure laminate with MDF core and phenolic backing
Edging: Black Lotz Armor Edging
Thickness: 3/4"


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