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Replacement Locker Handle, compatible with Penco Vanguard



Complete replacement locker lift handle for Penco Vangard lockers. This 2-part locker handles fits Penco Vangard lockers (1967 - present) and comes with the attachment palnut. Everything you need to replace the handle for your Penco Vangard Lockers.

This is an assembly, which includes :
PN-3388 Housing
PN-3399 Lift
PN-3313 Palnut
Material : chrome plated Zamak (pot metal)
Housing (PN-3388)
Including tab at bottom : 3-11/16"
Not including tab : 3-5/8"
At top : 13/16"
At bottom : 11/16"
Height : 3/8"
Width : 5/16"
Thickness : 5/32"
Projection past bottom edge of backplate : 3/16"
Mounting peg (projects out of the upper back portion
of the backplate and receives a palnut, which helps
hold the housing on the locker door)
Dia : 3/16"
Length : 1/2"
Lift slot
Width : 5/32"
Not including tab at top and bottom of slot : 5/16"
Including tabs : 1-7/8"
Upper front molding is bevelled on all four sides
Where it meets the backplate : 13/16"
At the top of the face : 11/32"
Where it meets the backplate : 1-3/32"
At the top of the face : 3/4"
Lower slot tabs
Width of both tabs and slot : 5/16"
Thickness of each tab : 1/16"
Where it meets the backplate : 7/16"
At the top of the face : 9/32"
Including backplate : 13/16"
Not including backplate : 5/8"
Padlock hole
Dia : 5/16"
Type : Countersunk on the outside of each tab slot
Lift (PN-3399)
General shape - A straight, flat and wide handle on the front
and top; a flat plate of metal behind and perpendicular to
the face of the handle, with a variety of curves along its
bottom and side edges
Width : 7/16"
Height : 1-3/32"
Thickness : 3/32"
Top, which has a shape like a short wind bottle - fat at the
bottom, where it meets the side handle, angled down to a
narrow 'neck', which becomes the same thickness as the rest
of the lift.
At front, where it meets the handle : 7/16"
At the back, where it meets the lift : 1/8"
Length : 3/4"
Thickness : 1/8"
Back plate - the curves on the back edge of the left create a tab
and a fork to serve the following purposes :
The tab, located on the back upper part of the lift is shaped
like a finger that is bent to a 'pointing' up position.
When the left is pulled out it pivots downward on the forks
(see below). This finger stops against the locker door,
keeping the lift from pulling all of the way out of the housing
The two-pronged forkshape, rounded at the tips, extends down and
out of the lower section of the lift and fits onto the lockbar,
becoming the pivoting point when the lift is pulled out.
Base of finger bend to fork slot OC : 1-9/16"
Padlock hole dia : 5/16"
Palnut (PN-3390)
Outside dia : 19/32"
Depth : 1/4"
Hole dia : 7/32"
Width : 7/16"
Thickness : 1/64"
Color : dark gold


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