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Round Plunger Door Holder with Aluminum Finish

MFG Part #:
FS1154 US26D


Sturdy cast aluminum with a US28 satin finish. Uses positive hold open method, spring activated plunger releases with a slight tap of the foot. Ribbed non-marking rubber shoe is securely fastened to unit with a screw and is easily replaced when worn.
Housing: brass, US26D satin chromium plated
Plunger and platform lever: steel
Bumper: gray, non-marking rubber
Height: 2-13/16"
Width: 1-1/4"
Depth: 1-3/16"
Thickness: 1/16"
Mounting plate
At top mounting hole: 23/32"
At middle of housing: 1-1/4"
At bottom mounting holes: 2-9/16"
Height: 5-5/16"
Thickness: 1/8"
Mounting holes
Qty: 3, 1 each at the top of the mounting plate, 2 each at the bottom of the mounting plate
Dia: 1/4"
Hole to hole OC
Bottom hole to hole: 1-15/16"
Top to bottom: 4-2/8"
Upper half
Dia of foot platform: 3/4"
Post diameter: 1/2"
Length, when bumper is fully retracted: 2-1/4"
Lower half
Dia: 3/4"
Length, when bumper is pushed all of the way down,
Including bumper: 1-15/16"
Not including bumper: 1-1/2"
Length from top of plunger to bottom of bumper: 5-5/16"
Platform lever
Width: 1-5/16"
Depth: 1-1/6"
Thickness: 3/32"
Shape: round
At top: 19/32" (called 5/8")
At bottom: 1-1/16"
Thickness of material that would be exposed when bumper is in holder: 7/16"
Tread design: circular grooves
There is a recessed area in the bottom of the bumper for the head of the mounting screw to 'hide' when it is installed so that it will not touch the floor when the door holder is in the 'down' position
Dia of recess: 9/32"
Depth: 3/16"
Mounting screws holder
Qty: 3 each
Type: #10 x 3/4" Phillips oval head sheet metal screw finish: chrome
Qty: 1 each
Type: 8-32 x 1" round Phillips head machines screw
Finish: chrome operating information distance of 'throw'.
The distance from the bottom of the bumper to the surface of the floor when the post is fully retracted: 1-1/4"
Distance between the bottom of the bumper and the bottom of the door when the post is fully retracted: 1/8"


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