Sapling Retro-fit Smart Wired Analog Wall Clock, 12" Dia. - 24V

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Introducing the Shiffler SES Precision wired analog wall clock. This is a true retro-fit classroom wall clock and works with 99% of all master clock / paging systems currently in schools. Just remove the clock from the box, clip-on the wire connectors and plug into your system. The SES Precision clock automatically senses the adjustment pulse from the master clock system and adjusts itself to the correct time. No longer need the clock in a specified area? Just remove the SES Precision and move it to another location or even another building. As soon as the clock is plugged into the system, it repeats the process of self-adjustment and is ready to go. The microprocessor technology built into every clock makes this wall clock stand out among the others. The clock knows the location of its hand position at all times. When the master clock system pulses that it is 10:07, the SES Precision can move its hands to that position. The SES Precision features a generous 12" face, black case, and the connectors needed to retro-fit to your existing system. Manufacturer's two-year warranty. Works with Simplex, National Time, Ruland, Dukane, 58- & 59-minute correction, Latham, Honeywell, Faraday, and Cincinnati to name but a few. Remember, don't replace your system, just the clocks that don't work.