Shiffler PakRak Wall Hook System, Weathered Wood backer, 24 in. wide, with 4 gray hooks

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Attractive wall hook system for virtually any space. Add functionable coat and backpack storage with this inexpensive solution. Simply affix the PAKRAK hooks to the backer strip and attach to any wall with included hardware.  Comes with 4 PAKRAK hooks, 24" weathered wood backer strip, and hardware.  Assembly required.  

Shiffler PakRak is the safest coat hook on the market! The PakRak features easy access to pack contents - no need to take it down, just open for access. The backpack hooks are easy to clean with their patented design that will not rust or corrode. Hold pack and coat on same space saving hook. Lightweight, durable, unbreakable, and reduces eye injuries. Limited lifetime warranty on manufacturer's defects. Measures 7 1/2" H x 3/4" W x 7/8" D

Indoor or outdoor use!

Benefits of Backpack Hooks in a Classroom

Backpack hooks are a simple yet effective storage solution for classrooms that provide several benefits for both students and teachers. Here are some of the key benefits of using backpack hooks in a classroom:

Increased organization: Backpack hooks provide a designated place for students to store their backpacks, helping to keep the classroom tidy and organized. This can make it easier for teachers to keep track of students' belongings and reduce the risk of tripping hazards in the classroom.

Space-saving: Backpack hooks take up minimal space compared to traditional storage solutions like shelves or cubbies. This can be particularly beneficial in smaller classrooms or classrooms with limited storage space.

Easy access: Backpack hooks provide easy access to students' backpacks, making it more convenient for them to grab their belongings when they need them. This can help to reduce disruptions during class time and improve overall classroom efficiency.

Safety: Backpack hooks can help improve safety in the classroom by keeping backpacks off the floor and out of the way of students' feet. This can reduce the risk of tripping and falling accidents in the classroom.

Personalization: Backpack hooks can also provide a fun and creative way for students to personalize their space in the classroom. They can decorate their backpack hooks with their favorite colors, stickers, or other decorations, making it a more inviting and personalized space.

Overall, backpack hooks are a simple yet effective storage solution that provide several benefits for both students and teachers. They can help improve organization, save space, provide easy access to belongings, improve safety, and allow for personalization in the classroom.