Shiffler Ultra Dog Door Security Bar for Double Outswing Door with Mullion - 7" Hook Centers



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The Ultra Dog Door Security Bar is a simple, affordable, non-electric, mechanical commercial door security barricade that works! It is the first security product that can eliminate the elephant chains and padlocks and the liability that goes with them! This door barricade solves rolling blackout security issues when used with magnetic locking devices. Adds up to 10,000 pounds of physical deterrence to your existing door and hardware in the after-hours environment. Guarantees secondary egress to firefighters and allows immediate egress with minimum effort and no prior training. The Ultra Dog Door Security Bar has been tested and used as a layered device by the DOD and NRC. Protects against hinge cuts and lock cutting charges. Fire Marshall approved in most states.

To size the AD500 unit for double doors with mullion, you need the following:
* Mullion Depth (the distance from the face of the door to the face of the mullion)
* Mullion Width (the distance across the face of the mullion).

This dimension becomes important when sizing a glass door with narrow metal frames.

Free Space is the distance between the mullion and the edge of the stile (frame) that supports the glass. This dimension also becomes important when sizing glass doors with narrow metal stiles (frames).
AD500's have either 5" or 7" hook centers. This defines the attachment block position on the door. When sizing for glass doors, pay attention to mullion width and free space based on the centers above. Perfect commercial door security latch device.


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