Steel Insert for Rubber Chair Leg Caps, 100/Carton

MFG Part #:


For use in table/chair leg caps and tips to prevent leg from cutting through the bottom due to extra heavy weight. Flat washer for rubber crutch tip and rubber chair bottoms, size noted below. 100 count. Rubber chair feet are ideal to prevent too much movement or sliding on smooth floors as well as damage protection.

SKU CT17W: Fits 5/8" Rubber Chair Caps, 5/16" ID
SKU CT18W: Fits 3/4" Rubber Chair Caps, 5/16" ID
SKU CT19W: Fits 7/8" Rubber Chair Caps, 3/8" ID
SKU CT20W: Fits 1" Rubber Chair Caps, 7/16" ID
SKU CT21W: Fits 1-1/8" Rubber Chair Caps, 9/16" ID
SKU CT22W: Fits 1-1/4" Rubber Chair Caps, 1/2" ID

Top Material: Steel
Base Material: Steel
Thickness: 1/16"