Steel Safety Latch for Folding Cafeteria Table, with Rubber Tips

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Safety Latch for in-wall Cafeteria Tables. Use as an additional safety latch security feature. Mounts to the mullion and turns to aid in securing the bench and table in the pocket. Not to be used as a primary security latch.

Importance of a Safety Latch

A safety latch for a cafeteria table is an essential component designed to ensure the safety and security of students and staff using the table. The safety latch is typically installed on the underside of the table, and it prevents the table from accidentally folding or collapsing while in use. This is especially important in busy cafeteria settings where tables are frequently moved and reconfigured. The safety latch is easy to engage and disengage, ensuring that the table can be safely folded and unfolded when needed. Overall, a safety latch for a cafeteria table provides peace of mind, ensuring that tables remain secure and stable during use, and preventing accidents or injuries.