Swivel Chair Leg Glide with Rounded Ferrule, Nylon Base

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Nylon base swivel chair leg glides fit all chair legs with an outside diameter of 9/16" or 5/8". 1-1/4" base uses PC-114D or CAR114 caps. Fits Heywood Wakefield furniture. Nylon based glides are perfect glides for metal chair legs or furniture glide.

SKU 3623NB: 9/16" O.D. Tubes, 1-1/4" Dia., Nylon Base, interior (star style) holding system
SKU 1626NB: 5/8" O.D. Tubes, 1-1/4" Dia., Nylon Base, exterior clip style holding system 

Chair glides for metal legs are an essential accessory for any chair that is used on a hard surface, such as a tile or wood floor. These chair glides for metal legs are designed to protect floors from damage, such as scratches and dents, and to make it easier to move the chair around. Chair glides for metal legs are typically made from durable materials, such as plastic or rubber, and can be easily attached to the bottom of the chair legs by sliding them onto the end of the legs. Chair glides for metal legs are especially useful for reducing noise and preventing chairs from sliding or tipping over. They are also easy to remove and reuse as needed, making them a convenient and practical choice for any chair with metal legs.



Top Material: Steel
Base Material: Nylon
Thickness: 1/64"
Height: 1/2"