Top or bottom insert for Accurate 1" thick plastic laminate door

TP 1680
MFG Part #:


Replacement door insert for Accurate plastic laminate partition doors.
Known brand: Accurate Partitions
Type of door this fits: Square edge, 1" thick
Material: Chrome plated zamak
Material thickness: 1/8"
Length of long, horizontal upper and lower portions
Outside: 2-5/16"
Inside: 2"
Height of center, vertical portion
Outside: 2-3/16"
Inside: 1-5/8"
Outside: 1-3/16"
Inside: 1-1/64"
Outer edge height/width: 11/32"
Hinge pin hole dia: 13/32"
Cam hole dia: 49/64" (between 3/4" and 25/32")
Distance from the back inside of the center vertical portion
to center of the hinge pin and cam holes: 1"
Mounting hole on center portion
Shape: Round, countersunk
Dia: 5/16"