Urinal Screen bracket for 1 inch Urinal Screen, 3-1/2 inch long

TP 1280
MFG Part #:


Two ear bracket for 1" urinal screen panel. 3 1/2" from wall.
Material: chrome plated Zamak (pot metal)
Width: 1-3/8"
Thickness: 1/8"
Height, from mounting surface up: 3-1/2"
Distance between forks: 1-1/32"
Inside length of forks: 3-1/16"
Thickness of ears: 3/16"
Thickness between forks: 3/8"
Mounting hole on forks
Qty: 2
Hole to hole PC: 1"
Distance from outside edge of fork to outside edge of first hole: 1/4"
On base
Qty: 3 each, 1 between forks, 1 on each ear
Dia: 1/4"
Hole to hole OC: 1-1/2"
Distance from outside edge of ear to outside edge of first hole: 3/8"
Hole between the forks: the base beween the forks is thicker than the base at the ears to give more stability to the forks, but the mounting hole between the forks is countersunk so that the surface where the screw enters is the same 3/1" thickness as the ears. The countersunk area has straight wall, not bevelled, so it takes a round head screw, not a flat headscrew. It is 1/2" dia x 3/16" deep.