Zephyr Lock, ADA Key Controlled Built-In Combination Spring Latch Lock for Single Point or Box Lockers, Right Hand

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ADA Combo Spring Latch Lock. Fits all standard single point and box lockers. Right hand design to fit locker doors with hinges on the right side. Features large, all steel ADA compliant user paddle key for ease of access. 2 user keys included with each lock. 7 preset combinations for extended usage and supervisory key controlled. Automatic locking unit with metal dial featuring non-slip coating. 10 year warranty.

Benefits of Using a Zephyr Lock

Zephyr locks are a type of electronic lock system that provide several benefits over traditional lock and key systems. Here are some of the key benefits of using a Zephyr lock:

Increased security: Zephyr locks offer a higher level of security compared to traditional lock and key systems. They use electronic access controls to restrict entry to authorized personnel only, helping to prevent unauthorized access and theft.

Convenience: Zephyr locks are easy to use and can be opened with a simple swipe of an access card or key fob. This can be more convenient than traditional lock and key systems, which can be time-consuming to unlock and may require multiple keys.

Customizable access: Zephyr locks offer customizable access controls, allowing administrators to set specific access permissions for each user or group. This can help ensure that only authorized personnel are able to access restricted areas or sensitive information.

Audit trail: Zephyr locks offer an audit trail feature that records every time the lock is accessed. This can be useful for tracking who has accessed a particular area or item, and can help with investigations in the event of a security breach.

Remote management: Zephyr locks can be managed remotely, allowing administrators to add or remove access permissions and monitor activity from a central location. This can help streamline security operations and reduce the need for physical keys.

Overall, Zephyr locks provide several benefits for businesses and organizations looking to enhance their security and access control systems. By investing in a Zephyr lock, organizations can increase security, improve convenience, and gain greater control over who has access to sensitive areas and information.