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60" L Hardwood Locker Room Bench Top, 1-1/4" Thickness

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These locker benches are constructed of face-glued hardwood strips. Smooth radius edges and corners and two-coat catalyzed clear lacquer finish make the bench surface safe and easily accessible for the handicap Warning - Be sure to use proper hardware to attach pedestals to floor and bench top to pedestals. Hardware and pedestals not included.

SKU BT60: 9-1/2" W
SKU BT6012: 12" W

What are the Benefits of a Locker Room Bench?

The 60" L hardwood locker room bench top, available at Shiffler Equipment, is a versatile and durable seating solution that excels in locker room environments. This bench top, with a thickness of 1-1/4", offers several key benefits for locker rooms and other similar settings.

First and foremost, the locker room bench provides ample seating space, accommodating multiple individuals simultaneously. Its 60" length allows for comfortable seating for several users, making it an ideal choice for busy locker rooms where individuals need a place to sit while changing or preparing for activities. The generous seating capacity of the locker room bench promotes a more organized and efficient flow of individuals, reducing congestion and waiting times.

Durability is another standout feature of this locker room bench top. Constructed from hardwood, it offers exceptional sturdiness and longevity, capable of withstanding the demands of daily use in high-traffic areas. The robustness of the bench ensures that it can endure the rigors of a locker room environment, including exposure to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and regular wear and tear.

Additionally, the locker room bench top is designed for user comfort. Its 1-1/4" thickness provides a solid and stable seating surface, ensuring a comfortable experience for individuals. The smooth and finished hardwood surface is pleasant to sit on, enhancing user satisfaction and promoting relaxation.

Furthermore, this locker room bench top is versatile in its application. It can be easily incorporated into various locker room configurations, fitting seamlessly with existing lockers, shelves, and other amenities. Its neutral and timeless design complements different locker room aesthetics, blending well with the overall environment.

Maintenance of the locker room bench top is also hassle-free. Its hardwood construction allows for easy cleaning and upkeep, ensuring a hygienic seating solution. Regular maintenance, such as wiping down the surface, helps to keep the bench in pristine condition, preserving its appearance and longevity.

In summary, the 60" L hardwood locker room bench top is a highly functional and durable seating option that brings several advantages to locker rooms. With its generous seating capacity, durability, user comfort, versatility, and easy maintenance, this bench top is an excellent choice for locker rooms seeking reliable and practical seating solutions.

Material: Hardwood, Maple stain
Overall Length: 60"
Overall Thickness: 1-1/4"
Assembly: Assembled
Shipping Method: UPS



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