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Bottom hinge pintle; 1/2"

TP 98265


Replacement pintle for Metpar brand bottom door insert.
This is a set is used on a 7/8" plastic laminate door,
and consists of one of each of the following:
- The pintle
- A nylon lock nut
- An external tooth lock washer (smooth on the inside,
with teeth on the outside)
- An internal tooth lock washer (smooth on the outside,
with teeth on the inside)
White part
Material: nylon
Dia: 1/2"
Length, to the top of the point: 1-7/32"
Threaded area
Material: steel
Type: 5/16-18 x 1-1/16" slotted machine shoulder screw
slotted on the bottom:
Actual length of threaded area: 5/8"
Total length of pintle, included threaded area: 2-5/16"
Nylon lock nut
Material: part steel, party nylon
OD: 1/2"
Thread type: 5/16-18
External Tooth lock washer
Material: steel
OD: 193/32"
ID: 5/16"
Thickness: 1/32"
Internal Tooth lock washer
Material: steel
OD: 19/32"
ID: 11/32"
Thickness: 1/32"


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