Bottom Hinge with 5/8 Inch Pintle, for Metpar or Ampco

TP 610ME
MFG Part #:


Replacement bottom hinge for Metpar brand baked enamel toilet partitions.
This part consists of:
- Hinge
- Pintle with washers and nut
Hinge - consists of a U-bracket with mounting holes
and a tongue with a pintle hole in it
Material: Chrome plated Zamak (pot metal)
Inside fit: For 1-1/4" round edge pilaster
U-bracket portion
Height: 2-1/8"
Inside length: 1-11/16"
Distance between ears: 1-1/4"
Total length, from front of face: 1-7/16"
By hinge pin hole: 27/32"
By front of face: 1"
Thickness: 7/16"
Pintle hole dia: 5/16" At both the top and bottom of the hole
'A' dimension (from back of face of hinge to center of
hinge pin hole): 1-3/32"
Mounting holes
Qty: 2 per fork
Dia: 1/4"
Hole to hole OC: 1-1/2"
Distance from back of fork to center of hole: 3/8"
Pintle - this is a set, consisting of one of each of the following:
- Pintle
- Nylon locking nut
- External tooth lock washer (smooth on inside, teeth on the outside) - Internal tooth lock washer (smooth on the outside, teeth on
the inside)
Upper portion
Material: Nylon
Dia: 5/8"
Length, to the top of the point: 1-7/32"
Threaded area
Material: Steel
Size: 5/16-18 x 1-1/6" slotted male shoulder screw
(slot is on the bottom)
Actual length of threaded area: 5/8"
Total length of pintle including threaded area: 2-5/1"
Nylon locking nut
Material: Part steel, part nylon
Outside drive: 1/2"
Tread size: 5/16-18 machine
External tooth lock washer
Material: Steel
OD: 19/32"
ID: 5/16"
Thickness: 1/32"
Internal tooth lock washer
Material: Steel
OD: 19/32"
ID: 11/32"
Thickness: 1/32"