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Republic Locker Plastic Handle &  Rivet for Recessed Locker Handle  Assembly

Republic Locker Plastic Handle & Rivet for Recessed Locker Handle Assembly

Sku: RS-2010
Price: $1.25

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Replacement self-locking plastic handle for Republic Steel recessed handle & slide plate.
  • Material: Black plastic
  • Height - there are four
  • Front edge: 1-5/16"
  • Concave curve witha a dime edge, just behind fron edge: 1-7/32"
  • Long part near the back: 1-13/16"
  • Very back, just behind a slot: 1-5/16"
  • Width: 7/16"
  • Dia of holes - there are two. Both go all the way from one side
  • through to the other side of the trigger
  • Padlock hole: 11/32"
  • Hole tha snaps over finger tab on lift: 3/16"
  • Slots - there are three.
  • One middle slot: runs from top to bottom and front to back,
  • in line with, and through the middle of the tirgger (basically,
  • the whole middle section is cut out). This slides over a portion
  • of the lift. As you face each side:
  • Height: 15/16"
  • Depth: 3/32"
  • Width: 1/16"
  • The other two run vertically up and down the side of the
  • trigger just behind the long portion. These fit down over
  • and slide up and down the edges of the back cup slot when
  • the lift is activated.
  • Mounting hardware: an aluminum pop rivet with steel mandrell,
  • Mandrell
  • Dia: 5/32"
  • Length: 7/16"
  • Head dia: 5/16"
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