Shiffler Universal Replacement Cafeteria Table Stool Top, 12-3/4" Diameter



*Mounting bracket (part #SES-99) sold separately and required on post-style tables for attaching directly on frame tubing.

HIGH DEMAND ITEM - please reach out for current lead times.

Hard to keep track of the cafeteria table brands in your schools when ordering replacement parts? Shiffler has the solution. Finally, a true universal cafeteria table stool top for all your cafeteria tables.

Strong, attractive, and designed to fit all post style cafeteria tables. The Shiffler Universal Cafeteria Stool Top is a 13" wide poly stool top that is textured and has an anti-slip finish. The bottom of the stool is ribbed for extra strength and features four nut-inserts pressed into the bottom assuring the bracket attaches safely and securely, 5" O.C. hole pattern. No self-tapping screws or drilling required. Just attach the stool top to the existing bracket with four bolts (included). Stool with bracket fits Palmer Hamilton, Kruger, Sico, Bio-Fit, Virco and Midwest tables.

The bracket features an inner adapter sleeve to assure the proper fit for table posts measuring 1" through 1-1/4" in diameter. The nylon reinforced bracket is stronger than metal and is ANSI/BIFMA x5.1 tested.

This heavy-duty nylon reinforced plastic bracket is required for post-style tables and is sold separate from the stool top.