Ghent VisuALL PC Whiteboard Cabinet with Fabric Bulletin Board Exterior Doors

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Ghent's VisuALL PC Conference Cabinet offers privacy and versatility, making managing your workstation simpler. The compact cabinet sits two inches from the wall and when closed, is only 3' wide. The compact cabinet opens to reveal a 6' dry erase surface, offering the perfect place to collect ideas or brainstorm. Take advantage of a full-sized whiteboard, while using less wall space in a small room or office. The versatile VisuALL PC cabinet comes with mounting hardware for easy attachment to divider panels, making it the perfect solution for divider panel workstations that whiteboards could not be mounted to otherwise. You no longer need to relocate to find a whiteboard, helping you increase productivity and be more efficient with your time. When closed, the doors of the cabinet provide a fabric tack surface, used to hang bulletins, notes, or reminders. More affordable than a traditional wooden cabinet, the conference cabinet is a great investment for someone who would like increased privacy in a conference room, office, small meeting area or at a desk. Take notes without worrying about having to erase it immediately, or that others may see private information. Simply shut the doors to conceal the whiteboard and come back later to review the information. Each cabinet is shipped to you in Ghent's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for shipping conference cabinets. Ghent's VisuALL PC carries a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA.


10 Years