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Hallowell/List Trigger for LI-1006 Recessed Locker Handle Assy.

MFG Part #:


Replacement trigger & rivet for List LI1006 recessed handle.
Material: black nylon
At outer edges: 1-3/8"
At concave 1-3/16"
From front up to back edge: 5/16"
Back edge: 9/16"
Including back edge: 1-1/64"
Not including back edge: 5/64" (between 29/32" and 15/16")
Back edge: 3/32"
There is a slot in the back, so that the piece can slide onto the LI-1005 lift
Width: 1/8"
Rivet hole dia: 9/64" (between 1/8" and 5/32")
Padlock hole dia: 3/8"

About Hallowell

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