Interior Steel Replacement Locker Door Handle, mounting screws included

MFG Part #:


Replacement handle for Interior Steel locker.
Handle: Zinc die cast, chrome plated
Sound reducers: Black rubber
This part consists of:
- Upper lift section, with padlock hole
- Lower tail
- Mounting holes that enter from the back of the handle
2 each near top of the upper lift section
2 each at the bottom of the upper lift section
- 1 mounting tab at the back of the upper lift section and
- 2 each cylindrical retaining pegs at the bottom of the tail
- 2 rubber sound reducers, shaped like rectangular cubes,
which fit into the slot for the IS-4411 lift, one is located
at the top and one at the bottom, just above the tail.
Including bottom tail: 5-9/16"
Not including bottom tail: 4-7/6"
Finger lift hole, at widest part of oval: 1-7/8"
Top hook, which holds handle in place on locker: 11/32"
Lift portion: 13/32"
Tail: 1"
Upper mounting peg bases: 9/32"
Lift slot: 5/32"
Upper lift portion
At top: 1-1/8"
At bottom: 1"
Finger slot in upper lift portion: 11/16"
Tail: 7/64" (between 3/32" amd 1/8")
Mounting bases: 11/32"
Padlock hole dia: 3/8"
Mounting Holes
Qty: 4 each: 2 at the top , 2 at the bottom
Type: 8/32" countersunk entry horizontal hole to hole OC: 23/32"
Vertical hole to hole OC; 3-1/2"
Upper stabilizer tab - extends horizontaly off the back of the
handle, then takes a 90 degree bend up.
Just behind handle: 3/16"
At outer tip: 9/32"
Width: 11/32"
Just behind handle: 3/32"
To outer edge: 1/4"
Lower retainer tabs - cylindrical in shape, extend horizontally off
the back of the til
Qty: 2 reach
Dia: 9/64" (between 1/8" and 5/32")
Depth: 5/32"
Tab to tab OC: 5/8"
Sound reducer bumpers
Height: 1/4"
Width: 3/16"
Length: 7/16"
Mounting hardware (included)
Qty: 4
Type: 8-32 x 3/8" Phillips head sems screw