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Pilaster Mounting Package

TP 30719
MFG Part #:


When choosing replacement pilaster shoes, consider the thickness of the pilasters, edge style and height of the shoe. Thickness of replacement shoes vary from 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", 1" 1 1/8" and 1 1/4". Heights available are 3" or 4". Pilaster shoes are stainless steel, round edged or square edged. Square edged pilaster shoes can be ordered "Split style" for easier installation. Plastic shoes are available for solid plastic partitions in an assortment of colors to match or accent the pilasters. Over 5 inches use two.
Material: Stamped stainless steel
Depth: 5/8"
Height: 2-12"
Width: 3"
Thickness: 5/32"
Mounting holes
Qty: 4 each, 2 on top, 2 on bottom
Type: Oval
Size: 5/16" x 3/4"
OC: 13/4"
OC range: 1-1/4" thru 2-5/16"
Mounting hardware (included):
2 each plastic anchors
2 each #12 x 1-1/2" Phillips head sheet metal screw
2 each #12 x 5/8" One-way sheet metal screw
2 each 34" OD 5/16" ID flat steel washer
1 each 3/8-16 x 2-1/2" Hex head machine bolt
1 each 3/8-18 4-pronged t-nut


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