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Republic Locker Door Complete Replacement Handle Assy, LH, 1965-Present

MFG Part #:


Handle Housing and lift for Left Hand. If door hinge is on the right, you need left hand lift. 1965 to present including hardware
Lift and housing: Zinc die-cast, chrome plated
Bumper on lift: Gray, non-marking rubber
Upper grip (textured half): 15/16"
Lower half: 1-5/16"
Both parts: 2-1/2"
Upper half
Including mounting pegs: 1-1/2"
Not including mounting pegs: 11/16"
Lower half
Including mounting pegs: 1-9/32"
Not including mounting pegs: 9/16"
Top and back edge: 5/16"
Textured grip on upper half: 3/32"
Gtip style: 1/16" Concave squares that form a grid
There are flat platforms that lay between, and perpendicular to
the grip handle and mounting pegs, forming a base and stop
for the mounting pegs. The flat platforms butt up against
the outside of the door when the handle is in place.
The mounting pegs extend back off the platforms, then to the
right on a 90o bend and into the side of the lockbar.
Qty: 2 Each, 1 each at the base of each mounting peg
Width: 5/16"
Length: 9/16"
Thickness: 3/32"
Mounting pegs
Qty: 2 Each
To center of bend, from the platform: 7/16"
From the center of the bend to the tip: 11/32"
At platform: 3/8"
At tips: 5/16"
Width: 3/16"
Peg to peg OC: 1-1/8"
There are two bumpers, one between each platform and the
handle portion, which act to keep the lift portion from
'clanging' against the housing as it moves up and down.
Width: 9/32"
Height: 1/4"
Depth: 3/16"
Padlock hole dia: 3/8"
Thickness: Varies, from 1/32" to 1/8" around the
different parts of the housing
Height: 3-13/16"
Width - wider at the top than the bottom
Base - wider in back than in front
Top: 13/16"
Bottom: 9/16"
Top: 29/32"
Bottom: 5/8"
Kick-proof hood
Front: 15/32"
Back, where it joins base: 1/2"
Lift slot
Width: 13/32"
Depth (open top of hood): 1/2"
Height (front of base): 7/8"
Mounting hole
Qty: 2 Each - top hole is exposed, and accessible from
the front of the housing, the bottom hole is concealed
on the front and accessible only from the back.
Dia: 1/8"
Hole to hole OC: 2-7/16"
Distance to center of top hole from top edge of housing: 5/8"
Distance to center of bottom hole from bottom edge of
housing: 23/32"
Padlock hole dia: 3/8"
Mounting hardware (for housing)
2 Each 8-32 X 5/16" Phillips head sems screw


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